Rapid IC Creation

Shuttle 2106Q

19 of 40 project slots reserved

Tapeout: June 18

Delivery: Oct 6

chipIgnite provides you with a pre-designed carrier-chip along with automated open-source design flow making your own chip easy and affordable

  • Rapid design implementation leveraging an automated digital design flow and full chip template
  • Prototype and early volume fabrication for the SKY130 open PDK
  • Two pricing options:
    • $9,750 for 100 QFN or 300 WCSP parts
    • 1000 parts for $20 each
  • Private shuttle -- no open-source requirement
  • Guaranteed reservation with $200 deposit


  • Complete EDA design flow
  • Automated physical implementation for digital designs
  • Supports commercial EDA options as well
  • Pre-designed packaging and test board
  • 10 mm2 user design area
  • 37 programmable IOs supporting digital and analog
  • QFN or WCSP packaged parts based on shuttle
  • 5 evaluation board assemblies
  • 100, 300 or 1000 packaged parts

How It Works

  1. Click on ‘Start Project’ to initiate your spot on the shuttle. Click here more for more information.
  2. Make a reservation with a $200 deposit
  3. Complete your project using the Caravel carrier-chip design
  4. Submit your project, confirm it passes pre-tapeout checks, and pay the balance of the shuttle fee.
  5. Receive your parts and boards from Efabless


  • Shuttles
    Shuttle Tapeout Delivery Parts
    2106Q June 18, 2021 October 6, 2021 100 QFN
    2110C November 12, 2021 April 1, 2022 300 or 1000 WCSP
  • Note: Schedule depends on meeting minimum project capacity
  • $200 reservation fee (fully refundable if minimum projects not met)

For more information: